The Value of a Partnership with Israel

This small but dynamic country, which is recognized as a global leader in technological innovation, is also in an ideal position to serve as a bridge for world trade. Sophisticated networking with the rest of the world is made possible by advanced telecommunications, a strong economy and Western business standards.

With many Israelis coming from other parts of the world and maintain cultural and family connections in their countries of origin, Israel enjoy a wide network of personal connections throughout the world, and the Israeli people have a global outlook, an inquisitive mind, and are fascinated by the Japanese culture and economy.
Many common values exist between the Israeli and Japanese peoples, and recent Japanese interest in Israeli technology has contributed to new business ties between the two countries. The potential for future cooperation is great, and AddValue is ready to help bring these opportunities into reality.
Israeli Life Science Industry: Growing Fast

 Israeli R&D: Innovation as a Way of Life

  • Israel’s 16 Technology Transfer Organizations (TTOs) showcase the creative fusion between universities, hospital systems, businesses and the military. All of the TTOs are dedicated to encouraging and promoting research projects and military technology from the lab to the world market.
  • Healthcare is a priority in a well-educated country. Israel spends 8% of its GDP on healthcare. It boasts a very high level of healthcare and an extensive infrastructure of quality resources that range from local community clinics to world-renowned trauma centers. The country has a high ratio of MDs to population (3.5 per 1,000). The country’s entrepreneurial spirit runs through this sector as well: Many Israeli physicians are both early adopters of new technologies and developers of original technologies in their own right.
  • Israel has a highly skilled workforce. The country has the greatest number of scientists and engineers per capita in the world; 24% of the workforce has academic degrees.
  • The defense community nurtures the life science industry. Extensive investment in developing state-of-the-art technologies for defense has proved fertile ground for advanced life science applications. Two very well known innovations emerged from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems: PillCamTM, a video capsule endoscope (developed by Given Imaging), and cryotherapy for the treatment of cancer (developed by Galil Medical).
  • Strong institutional incentives support the development of new technologies. The 23 government-licensed technological incubators, which began in the 1990s as a way to provide employment opportunities for new immigrant scientists and engineers (many from the former Soviet Union), has evolved as a successful framework for advancing and commercializing early-stage life science technologies. In fact, in 2008, approximately 38% of the 1,175 incubator graduate companies continued beyond the incubator stage to function as mature companies.

Israeli Cyber Security Industry: Innovation as a Way of Life

For the past three decades, the State of Israel, “The Start-Up Nation,” has maintained its position as a leading powerhouse for cyber security innovation. It has been providing novel solutions which have enhanced the robustness, resilience, and security of other nations and organizations around the world, making a global impact that is non-proportional to Israel’s material size.

As of today, Israeli solutions are more prevalent than ever before, protecting billions of people, sustaining the continuous supply of vital services, safeguarding governments and economic infrastructures, and ensuring the security and safety of businesses and individuals across the globe.

It comes as no surprise that a growing number of prominent multinational corporations have decided to actively and continuously engage in this ecosystem, by establishing their own dedicated cyber security R&D, Innovation, and Excellence Centers within Israel.

Israeli Fintech Industry: Global Pioneers

The Fintech industry in Israel is one of the world’s most developed markets. In recent years, international financial institutions have entered Israel in order to identify and cooperate with fintech companies in the local market.

Today there are about 250 companies operating in Israel in the field of Fintech, which include: payment technologies, loans, capital management and savings, money transfers and virtual currencies.

Israeli Agrotechnology: Unique Contribution

In the recent years there has been a global understanding that agriculture is required to integrate advanced technological solutions in order to succeed in feeding the world’s population.

In Israel, massive government investment in agriculture over the decades gives it an important advantage. The result of this investment is companies with technologies that have years of research and development.

The industry of agricultural inputs in Israel is one of the pioneers and leaders of the industries in Israel. This industry, which is characterized by intensive research and development of innovative systems, developed mainly due to the need to overcome the adverse climate and the existing shortage of land and water.

More and more Israeli companies are collaborating on a combination of knowledge, technologies and equipment to sell agricultural projects that bring solutions (Turn key projects) in order to raise the quality and quantity of agricultural produce.

These are just some of the Israeli innovations that offer golden opportunities for investment, joint ventures and partnerships. The business development expertise of AddValue can open doors in these fields for Japanese companies.