AddValue Services

Our company offers a full range of services to Japanese companies who wish to do business with Israeli technology companies. As both Israeli and Japanese peoples both place a high value on personal relationships, the two cultures can work well together once the language gap is bridged.

We can advise you on one particular business challenge, or we can accompany you through the entire process of locating the appropriate solution for your need, selecting the right company, establishing a partnership, and maintaining proper work relations.

Medical Technology and Product Selection

* Customized searches to locate the kind of technology, service or devices being sought by Japanese companies, resulting in a list of promising possibilities.

* Checking compatibility of each possibility with the Japanese work environment, regulations, quality standards, and the client needs.

* Analysis of how the manufacturing processes and technical support would be handled in Japan.

* Verification that the Israeli company can meet the strict standards of the Japanese market.

Risk-Benefit Analysis

* Examination of the ability of the potential Israeli product to succeed in Japan.

* Ranking of the desired products or services in terms of commercial risk and earning potential for the Japanese partner.

* Presentation of regulatory issues, effort required by the Israeli company to meet Japanese market standards, cost of adjustments, support and maintenance, and more.

Adapting to the Japanese Market

* Verification that the Japanese market has a need for the product or service.

* Research of the Israeli partner’s corporate structure, quality standards (including international certification), and global market reputation.

* Confirmation that the Israeli company’s financial condition is solid.

* Emphasis to the Israeli management on meeting the expectations and trade regulations of the Japanese market, and guidance in how to provide follow-up services.

* Preparation for the different business manners and language requirements in Japan.

* Updates with market changes to ensure good long-term success in the Japanese market.

Negotiations for Good Relations

* Assistance with contract negotiations between Japanese and Israeli partners.

* Assurance of clear understanding between the parties and a mutually satisfying agreement.

* Allocation of staff who are fluent in Hebrew and Japanese to serve as a bridge for discussing the business relationship from all angles.

* Clarification of needs and goals on both sides to bring about realistic compromises, shorten the negotiating process, and increase chances of long-term success.

* Help with formulating a working plan for any disagreements that might arise and how to resolve them.

* Balance of all business goals with personal and cultural needs on both sides.

Operational Support in Japan

* Application of knowledge of Japanese market demands to determine changes to be made (if any) in the chosen Israeli products or services.

* Examination of manufacturing procedures, operating instructions, technical support, marketing strategies, order processing, packaging and delivery processes.

* Anticipation of new challenges on a day-to-day basis, with ongoing services for communication with Israeli partners.

* Assistance with problem-solving, fine-tuning operational plans, and evaluating the market responses, especially cultural and language gaps.

* Arrangement of group discussions when necessary.