About Our Company

The world of the 21st century is defined by an abundance of global opportunities and unprecedented technological advances, which have significantly improved the quality of life for millions of people across the globe. Yet cultural and linguistic differences still present a difficult challenge for the flow of technologies and international cooperation. These obstacles are preventing many people from improving their quality of life.
We at AddValue know that people are people everywhere, and that with an honest, reliable and professional approach it is possible to overcome such challenges. We believe that through hard work, accuracy, respect and attentiveness to our counterparts and their needs, we can help build a better world.
AddValue, a business development company with strategic contacts around the world, promotes international business cooperation with Israeli companies that offer advanced technologies.
AddValue team members are working to bridge linguistic barriers and cultural differences, in order to build warm personal relationships with both sides. Our staff is determined to help create a better world through the development of international business cooperation.
The Japanese Division of AddValue is dedicated to making Israeli technologies available to businesses in Japan. Through our services, you will establish fruitful cooperation with the leading R&D companies in Israel. With our Head Office located in the heart of the Israeli economy, AddValue is well placed to perform end-to-end support for projects involving Israel and Japan.
To this we add our knowledge of both Israeli and Japanese trade regulations, as well as global market trends,to bring about successful partnerships that will endure for years to come.
Sharon Dekel, B.Sc., MBA, Co-Chairman, CEO
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University. Master of business administration from Netanya Academic College. One of the founders of a company in the area of medical nutrition where she served as the V.P for R&D. Managed leading food brands.

Yuval Halevi, M.A., V.P. for Business Development

 Master in Middle Asia Studies specializing in Japan and a researcher with Tokyo University. Yuval, who lives in Japan, specializes in intercultural bridging for Israeli companies operating in Japan – with an emphasis on management of projects, introduction of products in Japan, business consulting, assistance in negotiations and solution of problems resulting from cultural differences between the countries. Speaks Japanese and has knowledge and profound understanding of the ramified Japanese culture.
Naama Arbel Zeffren, B.A., Director, Business Development, Israel
Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Archeology from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Responsible for building, nurturing and maintaining AddValue’s business relationships with companies interested in entering the Japanese market.
Coordinates operational support between AddValue’s existing clients and Japanese partners.
Researches potential markets suitable for AddValue’s services.

Iris Debby Aharoni, B.A, Customer Relationship Manager And Social Media Manager
Serves as the primary point of contact for customers regarding all matters. Manages the company’s presence on social media.

Vast experience in promoting and improving customer service, as well as training development and implementation of software systems.